What We Are Known For

Ntebeko tours limited is a professional tour agency that specializes in planning, organizing, and facilitating travel experiences for individuals or groups. We play a crucial role in making travel arrangements more convenient and enjoyable for travelers by offering a wide range of services and expertise.

Conservation of Environment & Wildlife

At Ntebeko tours, we began with a devotion to the conservation of environment and wildlife in the wonderful wildernesses of Eastern and Southern Africa with its rich flora and fauna, and its sustainable development as a natural paradise contributing to the preservation of wildlife and the empowerment of local communities.

Ntebeko Supporting Batwa Community

Tourism keeps us in line With our sustainability programming for supporting Batwa community.Our vision is to Empower Batwa community ,orphans and other vulnerable children and their guardians through access to education

Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Tours in Uganda

Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Tours in Rwanda

What you need to know about Gorilla Permits

Gorilla permits are in high demand, and it is strongly recommended to book them well in advance.Permits can be obtained through the Uganda Wildlife Authority or licensed tour operators.Permits can be obtained through the Uganda Wildlife Authority or licensed tour operators.

Top Uganda Destinations

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Ntebeko Tours In The Community

“Ntebeko tours contributes to the community through Kisoro Habitat for humanity a registered charity organisation with Kisoro Local Government.Kisoro habitat for humanity was founded in 2017 by Mr.Ndabahariye Joseph who is the CEO of Ntebeko tours limited”

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